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Wochenbetthupferl no. 1: food is ready


Having a baby is wonderful. Except, if you want to cook. This is with Baby in the arm (like yawning) to the Olympics of Abstrusitäten. I say only: Einhandnudeleinwurf. One-handed table covering. The blast: one-hand garlic presses. Nope, thanks. I do not like this stress at all. That’s why we have had above-average convenience of prepared meals since the last weeks of pregnancy. That’s not delicious, but ok. And honestly, some are so ok that I just have to show you here today …

Rougette oven cheese , It was the first time I stumbled across Instagram and fell in love since the first one melted in my oven. I thaw some TK pretzels, put both in the oven, set it on a nice board and eat it all by myself. Tastes delicious, warms and feels like cheese fondue in one of these delightful Swiss mountain huts. My men do not like oven cheese. Luckily.

Paj East – Cheddar and leek pies from Ikea. These little treats taste spicy and buttery, just like pies need to be. On the top they are delicious crispy brown, in the middle they remain wonderfully fluffy. Perfect! If the pies are lucky, there’s a fixed salad for good conscience. They taste good without you. Even the children.

Hot carrot – vegan vegetable soup with curry (I discovered it at Famila). Orange is the only color I really do not like. Except in the form of this delicious soup. Because it’s such a bright, rich, happy orange. Because it warms the stomach. And before the mouth, through the pleasant sharpness. And besides, it’s ratzfatz weggelöffelt. Lasse claims that the color reminds him of the baby. So to the back of baby. So … you know. Of course I do not write about that here. No way. I’m not one of those terrible mothers who only talk about baby crap. That is what I have written? Oh God…

The “Hello – My name is” – chocolate from Lindt. Do not fit in here properly? Oh but. I admit, one of them is sometimes replacing supper here. Or the lunch. Before now all youth welfare associations and midwife unions call here or demonstrate in front of our house for better feeding conditions: I do of course only very rare and only if my men are traveling somewhere and I alone with baby at home. Otherwise, there’s the chocolate just for dessert. A piece for everyone. By the way: all varieties are oberlecker. But the one with salty caramel is the tiniest.

Hot tomato sauce by Jamie Oliver. I admit it, if it says Jamie Oliver, it’s almost as good as bought. I just like him. And his recipes. And even with this sauce, he does not disappoint me. It tastes nice and smooth, a bit spicy and really almost homemade. Simply the best ready-made tomato sauce in our supermarket. Point. And the pasta to? Just throw Schatzi into the water.

Knusperente with orange sauce from Edeka. The first sight: sad. A flat half duckling, stiff as a stick in a crooked silver bowl. I wanted to throw it away. Luckily I put it in the oven. And oh no wonder: the animal straightened up and the ugly duckling was (luckily) not a beautiful swan, but a deliciously fragrant, outside crisp and juicy indoor mini-roast duck. Not like mom and the orange sauce we forget. But the duck – really delicious.

baking mix Pancakes from Mondamin. Shake bottle, pure milk, shake again and pour into the pan. Everything is one-handed. And tastes crazy yummy. If I can do it, I snip a few banana slices in and sprinkle almond leaves over them. Before the meal, please quickly under the maple syrup shower. Then enjoy. Delicious! Reminds me hard of our holiday in Maine, when Lasse was still very small. Since we have destroyed mountains of pancakes on various American wooden verandas. Usually there was a paste of crushed banana, honey and walnuts. I think I’ll pimp my pancakes next time.

And you? Do you like ready meals? Or is not that for you? And if: which ones are your favorites? (We still have some space in the freezer … By the way: With this post I start a small series called WOCHENBETTHUPFERL , In it, I show you everything that makes me the puerperium this time beautiful. And more relaxed. Yours maybe too. And if you do not have a baby right now – my favorites relax without too. Promised!

Have a good weekend!

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