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Tips for your spring decoration


If the early bloomers sprout from the ground and the sun shines longer, I automatically feel like changing the decor. Out with the winter depression, in with the spring decoration! If you look at them, my core elements are usually tulips and a lot of white. Extremely creative. But I still have a few other ideas for you today, after all, this is a serious interior blog!

My spring decoration – How to decorate in spring:

  • We start by clearing things away before something new is added: skins, thick blankets and pillar candles are too winterish and will fall into the closet by autumn!
  • Roughly speaking, at this time of year I generally forgo (dark) wood, darker colors (especially black) and cuddly materials. Everything that just evokes associations after autumn / winter!
  • Now we have made room! A few selected pieces may be pulled in: Better optically light, bright, fresh and airy.
  • All year long I love books and illustrated books as decoration, especially now! Books seem intellectually, bring color splash and personality as you like, and you usually have enough of it!
  • Beautiful spring colors are e.g. White, yellow, pastel shades like mint or pink, green, aqua, … You get it.
  • A large number of candles is often not so fitting, at most a few light tealight glasses.
  • Put fresh flowers or branches in the vase – zack, spring!
  • Floral motifs or even this dragonfly print fit well, they bring nature into the house. And without entering.

Of course, these are just tips for a general direction. You do not have to consistently banish everything dark / cuddly / warm, just maybe reduce something. I’m sure you understand my style and hope you can apply my tips to your home.

How do you decorate for spring?

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