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While I push my 38-week ball in Balu-der-Bär manner from the pillow, to the fridge, to the loo, my friend Lisa rocks the mini-men here today. With neat hats, mesh and mud. So everything you need for the autumn happiness. Also great: Almost everything can be ordered online. Hachz, that’s nice. With little boys in knitwear I get gasp breathing …

Anyone who reads here often knows Lisa already here , She shoots regularly for various magazines, but is also bookable for private children’s shootings in Greater Hamburg … ( here go to their website). Klingelingeling, is not there something for Christmas? How about cutting out my dear sister-in-law about the coolest photo calendars? Would rock, right? And psst, for my advent calendar idea this year, you can use good children’s photos as well. Oh, he will be so beautiful. I can not wait to show you …

So here are the cool hats, mesh and mud pieces: Warm Indian wool sweater from here , Unbreakable, absolutely coldproof boots with fur and rubber tip of here , Suspender pants by here , Mustard-colored Chino from here , Colorful kids cardigan and bobble hats by TK Maxx.

Photos: Lisa Rothfuss
Styling: Karin Swertz

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