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Sarah’s Herbst-Hängerle


Another idea from Sarah, you know, my girlfriend the copywriter. Her new idea is a bit autumnal, a little Waldorf and a lot of Sarah.

Hello everybody, a flood is stupid. Luckily for us it was not that high and so we could actually find something positive about it: a lot of driftwood. That was lying in rough amounts on the bank of the Elbe and was just waiting to be collected by us and yes … something to be. For example, a pretty, no-bit-cheesy Mobilé for the nursery.
You need: Driftwood pieces, a drill with a 3-er drill, various wooden beads in rainbow colors (due to the Waldorf-Feeligs, others in other colors, of course), a thicker thread and glue.
First you put your mobile down the way you would like it later (we chose the magic triangle) and mark the places where holes have to be drilled in the wood. Then you drill them, the holes. Very carefully, because driftwood is often quite brittle. Then thread the bottom piece of wood and make a thick knot (thicker than the hole!) In the rope. Fix the knot in the hole with glue. Continue like this and thread wooden beads and pieces of wood alternately. Zack, ready! And now please dance the word M-o-b-i-l-è!
Have fun! Your Sarah

Also with, best regards,

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