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Retro caravan


In the Swedish holiday we lived right next to a campsite. Say: caravan instead of sea view. Since then, the cabins can not go out of their minds. “Can not do it yourself,” I thought first. “Can you!”, After Lasse and I had a little rumprobiert. What do you say to our cab in the iconic ’50s look?
What we need:
Cardboard (we still had a follow-on milk carton), two rolls of toilet paper, paste, transparent plastic packaging (for example from grapes), newsprint, white acrylic paint, the rest black cardboard, shish kebab, red glitter foil, fabric scraps, washitape, wire

Here we go:
From the box with a very sharp knife, remove all four edges (see photo above right). Overjoyed children already let it stir in the wallpaper paste. Cut the toilet rolls once in length. Cut a rectangular hole on a narrow side of the box. Through the hole, push the toilet paper roll halves into the missing edges and glue them together to create caravan-like curves. (Caravan curves ???? !!! What am I writing there? Just look at it better in the photo above). Then cover the complete box all around with newspaper strips cut into paste. After drying, cut out the windows and doors and brush with white acrylic paint. Let it dry again. Cut out “window panes” from the plastic packaging and carefully stick them from the inside through the hole behind each window (yes, that’s a fretwork job!). Cut out two wheels from a black cardboard box, thread on the skewer and stick the skewer under the caravan. Move wheels into position. Form a pulling device out of wire (possibly with pillar), also glue under. Finally, hang the car on the front and try it out. Decorate as desired. Lasse insisted on colorful stripes and curtains, I insisted on the typical cloth strip pattern for the caravan door. And then: tatatata! Our own small cabin. Let’make it!

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