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Poster with a view – DIY



Here comes again a fast and decorative DIY with paper:

For the typo poster you need:

  • A3 construction paper (here pink)
  • Scalpel or cutter for cutting
  • Cutting board
  • template HIYOU , Ruler, colored pencil and masking tape
  • Trouser hanger for hanging

For my simple poster, I used only uppercase letters that are divisible in the middle. You can of course take all other letters and then have to see how you cut them meaningfully. Fonts with straight lines are suitable for example: ARIAL BLACK or AVENIR BLACK.

First of all, you have to mark the middle of the letters on the template. All letters are split vertically, only the “I” horizontally. Now fix the template with masking tape on your construction paper and cut the letter edge in half. Now just fold the letters in the middle and hang them on the trouser hanger. Done is your poster with a look!

It is particularly beautiful on a contrast background to advantage. You can glue it on with another paper. Have fun!

Until then, Isabell

PS: In the next post, I’ll show you how to build a simple poster bar.

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