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Now it’s Christmas: Tannen á la Tiny


There is a shop for children’s things in Berlin with the pretty name ” Tiny “All were felt, except me. Unfortunately, a trip to Newborn and two young children feels just as absurd as a day trip to the tundra, so I continue to admire the plain shelves of wild, colorful and very special children’s items on other blogs or on Instagram. Why am I telling you this? Because with “Tiny” not only pretty children’s clothes, but also the most amazing window decoration …

When I go via Instagram in the summer these trees discovered in the shop window, I knew, how our year’s Advent decoration in the conservatory had to look like: Geometric fir trees in gray. So simple. So cute. And ratzfatz homemade. Thank you Tiny for this beautiful inspiration – and we two will see each other. In Berlin. Promised. Until then, I’ll crash onto the virtual shelves this evening: Since yesterday, Tiny has had an online shop. Wuau!

I have bought gray paper for our firs and hung the firs with butcher’s thread. (There are beautiful things in gray and white, for example here ). My template for the firs you can here print as printable. I made firs in two sizes, once in the original, for the smaller version, I reduced the original on the copier to 85 percent. Glued together I have the firs with hot glue, so it keeps really good. By the way, my sweetheart and I hung up our fir trees on Thursday three weeks ago – at half past two at night the last fir garland hung, at three I started my contractions. Since then, I still like her, our Tiny Tjelle Firs.

A beautiful week of advent to you all!
All love,

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