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My tips for book photography


Hosted on Instagram Katha (almost) every Tuesday the action #booksandhotdrinkstuesday for which I would like to contribute, if I have the time. All you have to do is upload a photo of a book with a hot drink to each topic. That’s how I gained a lot of experience in styling and photographing books for Instagram.
Sometimes when it comes to photographing books, it can not be that easy, but if you pay attention to a few things, you’ll be fine. These are my tips for book photography:

  • In general, here are three perspectives: Exactly photographed from above, from the top at a 45 ° angle or laterally at eye level with the object. Depending on your point of view, of course you have to vary the styling and arrange the books differently. Here are examples of all three possibilities:
  • Note the angles and lines: If the book is slightly angled, the composition looks a bit more random. Of course, a strictly parallel arrangement may look good, but must be arranged quite carefully.
  • I prefer a plain, white background, but that’s a matter of taste. He should be clean and not too noticeable, work well also e.g. a bedspread or old wood.
  • Better filter the light gently (I take a diffuser, curtains go too), use direct sunlight only carefully and consciously.
  • A hand reaching for a cup or a book makes the photo seem ever more lively. But then you need either a second person, a tripod or some luck with the autofocus.
  • A book can be photographed well with open pages, maybe it must then hold a hand in shape.
  • I think it’s very nice, especially when photographing from above, to include a bunch of flowers, which then blur into the picture.
  • At least as important as a pretty cover are the Props around it: Here I like to bring the seasons something, with finds from nature and seasonal decoration, or even play on the content of the book to tell a story. Often less is more here, limit yourself to a few matching accessories and find your style!
  • Biscuits, a piece of cake, nuts or sweets can also be packaged into a picture in a decorative cup, in a bowl / on a plate and also scattered a bit on the ground. Take care that it does not get too messy!
  • What I do not do very often, but looks quite decorative: holding books in front of the stomach, either a very large book or a whole stack of books.
  • If you want to show several books at once, then I find a grid taken from above or, photographed from the side, a set up row or a stack of books best.

These tips have occurred to me now and I notice many of them in most pictures, do you still have comments and advice? If you are too #Booksandhotdrinkstuesday just want to participate Katha on Instagram!

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