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My happy people in November


Yesvember, my yoga instructor calls this November. Then she smiles and pulls out both arms with her bellies for five infinitely long minutes and breathes in and out. She is smiling. As the only one. I know that because sometimes I blink. Because I like her smile. Almost as happy as her voice. “You can do it,” she says, her honeyy voice. In these moments, I suspect that I can actually do it. That I can do anything, this November. Although my arms are shaking, like the voice of Till Schweiger. Here are a few things that make my “Yesvember” even more beautiful. Yours maybe also …

1. Waiting for the baby. My first two came three or two weeks early. That’s why daily “And …?” Text messages arrive here. So far I write back: “Everything still in it”. Of course, I’m getting tingly too. Such a pleasant thriller. Strange, Verrreedungen only with reservation to confirm. But they also feel good, these last days. Everything again very conscious. Everything maybe for the last time. With belly. Somehow exciting. These days feel a little like the time between Christmas and New Year, which I like so much. Between-the-world feeling. Everyday life is quietly turned. I am happy that I have managed everything that I wanted to do. Even more. I enjoy the belly again, although it tenses and pushes and pulls and I think about it, the fallen yoghurt spoon just to lie down, because bending over from the chair to the floor is no longer possible. I admire the belly bumps. And I cuddle my boys. Very special. A few more days for everyone.

2. Bake. The first cookie break this year was quite relaxed. Could at my new Buddha Cutter lie. Heidewitzka, how cool is she? The body dimensions are me something of sympathetic. And hey, finally make a decent big cookies. The cookie cutter is included MeinCupcake , take a look, I could just because the shopping cart full daily. And I do not say that now, because the nice shop recently moved in here on my right side of the page (there may anyway only, if I like a hundred pro). What else I have on the list: the Bulli cookie cutter. Fand Buddha on the Knabberteller next to him safely gone. And for the boys, the street cookbooks with holes in which you can put car biscuits. Oh yes and roll fondant in light gray for me. Blast or?

3. Press premium. Sounds awful. Sounds great. Sounds like work. And after earned. Absolutely earned. Ha. I think, after the whole Keulerei in the delivery room, a gift is really due, right? I can not count on my husband. That’s way too emancipated. He does not put out any gold rings as a reward. He prefers to carry small noisemakers through the house for a colick night. Never mind, I give myself just. And start with it right away. Almost as a pre-press premium. My number one: a diaper bag that does not look like a diaper bag. She is so pretty. She is from Littlephant. Hey, she is light gray. I’ve been sneaking around for a while. By the way: how many press bonuses are actually in there? I mean, can I still confidently give gifts to myself in a year’s time as a press award? Or at some point the deadline expires? I prefer not to ask my husband. As a lawyer, he knows too much about deadlines …

4. Celebrate. Also goes in November. Especially with this book. Okay, I admit, I’m biased there. Ever since I met Stefanie Lautenschl√§ger and Simone Knappe at a blogger seminar this year, they keep making me happy. Because they are so nice. Because they can decorate like Schmitzkatze. Because they can celebrate and because they spread the same good humor as their new – their first – book. In ” We are celebrating “From the Topp-Verlag, the two ideas for all major festivals show in the year and I’m actually already happy to watch them. Fortunately, most of the stuff from the book is super easy to implement and a CD with templates and crockery tattoos (!) Is also available for lukewarm. So I definitely want these cute flies on the champagne glass for baby-watering. And you?

5. Ready meals. Actually, I like to cook. It relaxes me. And most of all, I like to eat what I cooked. But right now we have a lot of ready meals. And honestly, some are not so bad. Actually, I had fully loaded the freezer for the puerperium. But we’re just going to empty everything (and keep filling it up). It makes the evenings even more relaxed. Of course, I do not want that permanently. But there are also other times. Cooking times. Until then: chest open, stove on, kids and legs up on the sofa. I think I’ll give you a quick look at our finished favorites, that feels good with them.

6. Our new toilet paper roll holder , Oh God, only the word. Shall we say Po paper page? Sounds crazy too. No matter. I admit, my nest building goes nirvana. The man looks incredulous. But: We now have one of the cheapest and most beautiful what-ever-in the world. Do you have to say (and show), right? Incidentally, made in a snap: gather branch, loop around two loops of butcher’s yarn (there’s, for example here ), screw two hooks into the wall, roll on it and you’re done.
I wish you a beautiful weekend!
All the best,

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