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My blog has moved – Welcome to WordPress!


Eeendlich I managed it and I could hardly be happier – My Blog Button boycott has its own domain, a stylish new layout and has moved to WordPress!

That was a bit of a draw because I did everything on my own, but I’m all the more proud of the result! Ok, of course I did not program the theme myself, that’s from here , More technical details will come later in an extra blog post, today I’ll just take you around a bit on the new blog:

 start page a (sticky) menu, followed by a slider with my last blog posts, three boxes with pages that I wanted to highlight and finally all my published posts. From page 2, there are only the posts listed, I hope this is user-friendly way! The new layout has the advantage that in the search for a specific blog post in the archive, you do not have to read every post completely, but only have to look at a preview image and the headline. This saves time and you can pick out exactly what you are really interested in when browsing.


In the menu I have my four newly defined main categories live . DIY . art and to travel , partly with new subcategories, linked to my portfolio and my About me page.

The footer menu does not include fun stuff (contact, privacy, impressum), but you’ll find a nice Instagram widget about that.


The About me page has stayed and been refreshed a little bit (I have to go there again), I have one Contact page set up and also created a few new pages:

  • My art : It was already on the old blog, but is still relatively new and now by the link on the start page much more present. Have a look!
  • Best-Of : I do not know yet if this page stays that way, but since I am often asked for sources of supply, I have linked many here. Of course you may ask anyway :).
  • portfolio : I’ll just try it, for a while I wanted to put together a portfolio of my stylings and photographs.
  • favorite blogs : Unfortunately, I have not discovered a way to link a blog post here as on Blogger in the sidebar, so my favorite blogs are now listed on a separate page.


The sidebar can only be seen if you click on a blog post directly because I wanted to have the pages across the entire screen width.

I have populated them for clarity with only a few, important widgets. Here you will find the social media channels on which you can follow me, as well as a search bar, all categories, an archive and the possibility to subscribe to e-mails.

Mobile blog layout

A responsive theme was important to me, that did not satisfy me at Blogger. If you look at the page on the phone, the menu is hidden in the top left corner. For all widgets you just have to scroll a bit to find everything.


Now I have to go into it again, because it was a deliberate decision: I am not only differentiating between various top categories such as living, traveling, books or favorites, but have sometimes also added subcategories, such as. DIY decoration and DIY art under the top category DIY , As my main categories, which I primarily focus on, I am currently looking at living, DIY, art and travel. Let’s see how it develops. Travel does not really fit into a blog …

There are also tags, which I will mainly use for travel destinations. An overview of all travel post I have yet to update again, which will then be linked in the menu.

All in all, I’m very happy with the theme. It is simple, offers a lot of space for my photos and was very easy to customize. I still have to adapt some things, I underestimated the effort.

And now I’m curious what you think! Do you like it in my new digital home? Did you discover any mistakes anywhere? Then please let me know!

I look forward to many more blog posts, from now on a new platform! Just try the comment function! 😉

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