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My son Luk is two and likes to paint. Mostly snails. Actually, he does not paint anything else. “Corner paints,” he proclaims afterwards and proudly presents his work. Two-year pride. In the picture: Krickelkrakel. “Such a nice snail!”, I say. Then I hang the new snail Krickelkrakel to the old snail Krickelkrakel in our children’s gallery. And I’m proud. Mama pride. Whether I would design my own T-shirt collection with Luks Krickel snails on the front? Well, I do not know …

Maybe pretty stupid of me. Kris and Bob Galmarini have done just that: their daughter Neve does not paint anything but monsters and one day she was stiff and insistent that these monsters belong to the pretty clothes, the mom and dad under her label neve / hawk distribute from California throughout the United States. Kris and Bob did not hesitate for long – and with Creatures and Features invented the monster shirts. And hey, what are these cool shirts. The absolute blast: Although the monster idea is from Neve, but each child can make his own shirt. The gray or blue shirts with blank monster come with lots of Monsteraccessoires for self-ironing, ie with creepy eyes, ears, teeth, horns and much more. Is not this great?

Also nice: Kris and Bob donate part of the proceeds of the monster shirts for exciting art projects in schools. So I really need two shirts, for my big boys. And also a few to give away – for the little monsters of my girlfriends. By the way, you can be curious what Kris and Bob will come up with in the future. In any case, more monster characters are planned for next year. And by the way: the other parts in the neve / hawk online shop are also great. Have a look. I love these casual pants with the little X-en. She is cute!

That would be a great Christmas present, you think? Me too, of course, right now. Why did not I tell you that anyway? Because I discovered Kris and Bob and their creatures and features only yesterday thanks to Instagram. Even if it is tight until Christmas, I wanted to show you that in any case still fast. Oh yes, Kris promised to send everything immediately if you’re interested. In her experience, Swiss Post usually manages to get to Germany in less than two weeks. Of course, she can not guarantee if the things will actually be here until Christmas. Makes almost nothing, I think. Is there just a voucher. A self-painted monster coupon, of course. I’ll talk to Luk right now. He has to expand his repertoire …

And you? What do you give away so beautiful for Christmas?

PS. Uiiiiuiui, if all goes well, you will see this post for the first time in the refreshed design. I gave myself to Wasfurmich’s first birthday. One year, madness! What happened there. Here and in real life. There will be more at the end of this week. Nevertheless, I would like to know as soon as possible of you how you like the new look. So, please always out with it. Hach, that’s exciting!

Photos: Bob Galmarini

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