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Make DIY Vintage Gift yourself: Camera in retro design


 DIY gift idea that’s easy and quick to put into action: the disposable camera in retro design. This vintage gift is for those who take far too many digital photos that just disappear into any folder on the hard drive. With an analog one-way camera can take 27 pictures. In other words, take some time, think carefully about what is being photographed, and in the end there is the big surprise when the pictures are developed. Or maybe you are still looking for a small gift or needed for a wedding or other celebration, the one or other gift for the guests?

Speaking of wedding: The disposable camera in retro dress is also a great idea as a small vintage wedding gift that guests receive to capture the wedding from their perspective.

This is how it’s done:

For the right exterior, you only need a photo of an old camera and adjust it to the dimensions of the disposable camera. Then the photo is printed out, cut out and glued to the cardboard cover. You should make absolutely sure that important functions such as lens, flash, etc. are not covered. Cut them off best with a nail scissors from the template. Done is the homemade vintage gift!

HERE you will find the template that I used for my disposable camera.

I wish you a lot of fun trying it out! If you are looking for more gift ideas, then look HERE , And if you do not want to miss any new projects from me in the future, then follow me Facebook or sign up for mine monthly eMagazine at.

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