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Latte Locations: A cut in the Schmidtchen


In the puerperium you will feel very emotional. Of course, me too. “Tjellchen, my darling, my darling, do you want breasts?” And all that. Höööölle. The man is astonished. And moans. That it hails in today’s post “fiercely” is not really up to me. Not a bit….

… but only at two of my absolute favorite locations in Hamburg: The Café ” schmidtchen “And the shopping sweetheart” Wohngeschwisterchen “. Here I go, if I have to get out of the milk monarchy. Both are located directly on the shoulder blade in the hill, only a few minutes, that is in the current era, a breastfeeding change length away from each other. First I drink in the Schmidtchen a really good milk café and squeeze one of the heavenly sweet Schweinereien. Sometimes a cuddle (The Brie-casserole with pear, the thief with liverwurst and apple!) Sometimes both. Big advantage: In the Schmidtchen you have plenty of room for your bags, strollers and all the stuff and through the huge windows comes a lot of light, you know, so you do not fall asleep right back, completely exhausted as you are.

Finally, I hops over in – Attention, a Tusch – one of the by far most beautiful Kinderläden the city. And I would actually have to be very terribly angry with Wohngeschwisterchen, because it is so cute colorful and therefore every time mercilessly empties my purse. I can not. Because purse empty nowhere else so much fun. And I also get so much beauty for it. (Certainly, honey!)

For example, my beloved Knitting Cardigan by Deha is wearing high and low now in breastfeeding and even before in pregnancy. Ha! This is called a good investment, right? Just like the prettiest capers of all time, Lolly’s Laundry, which does not feel lewd. And my pink knit hat – oh, I love her. It will bonbons the dull winter days with us on the dike. Do you notice something? Yes, still a little vulgarity of Wohnschwisterchen: there are the kids with children’s things and then have a corner only for the Muddi, where the up and down can shop. Hachz in common is that … But just too nice.

Later, I melt away at the children’s things, think that I still need one, two, three children more, so that I can “shop everything” once in good conscience. In addition to Klamottenträumchen of brands such as Mini Rodini and Minymo, there are so many beautiful furniture and accessories (our cloud-changing mat by Färg & Form is therefore and the beautiful farm bedding by bygraziella), that I’m every time quite tingling. And still on the way back out to the countryside blissfully smiles. And that manager Caroline and colleague Helena (photo above) are quite adorable and in the best of mood even in the back corner looking for the right size, is now really not on my Süßholzraspelei today here. It’s just like that. Honestly.

Speaking frankly, I will gladly accept one at the very end Pröbstle from the Schmidtchen on the hand? These are warm, friendly sourdough rolls with delicious toppings – very good is for example bacon and onion. As a good mother, you finally have to try out, if your baby’s bottom can handle a bunch of onions or not? And lunch is finally over again. Well then: Good’n!

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