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It’s so easy to design a pillow yourself


 homemade lamp , which ensures a pleasant light. So, now I finally show you how you can make the feather pillow yourself!

 Cushion cover made of cotton . textile Color and one or more stamps with Feather Print ,

You can also spice up an old simple pillowcase this way. You also need some cardboard, a paint roller and a flat container for the paint or a Farbabstreifer. Regarding the color of the fabric, it is important, no matter what color you choose, that it is suitable for dark fabrics and therefore has a firmer, more pasty texture. This makes it easier to stamp.

Prepare cover

First push the cardboard into the pillowcase. It must always be where you are stamping, so that the paint does not sag on the back of the cover.

Print envelope

Then add some color to the jar, but not too much, you will notice that you need only a little color for the stamp.

Then take some paint with the paint roller.

Apply the paint evenly and not too thick on the stamp. It is best to first make a few test prints on paper to determine the right amount of color.

Then it is stamped on the pillow cover. Do not forget: always the cardboard underneath! Apply gentle pressure on the stamp and make sure that no color from the edge of the stamp, which is not part of the motif, is also printed (this unfortunately happened to me at the beginning).

Depending on how often you use the stamped ink, the intensity of the subject changes. I’ve used the stamp twice for my pillowcase to get two color gradations.

So gradually stamped the entire pillowcase.

Almost there! If the cover is nicely evenly covered with the motif, it must first dry. I have been waiting for the next step about 12 hours, to be really sure that everything is dry.

Fix pressure

Then the motif is ironed so that it becomes light and washfast. Put either a thin cloth over the cover or turn it over (like me) once and iron it for about 5 minutes.

Last comes a pillow filling in the cover, already done!

What you need now is the perfect place for your self-designed pillow!

I wish you a lot of fun trying it out. If you are looking for even more creative ideas for your apartment, then look at my other DIY ideas for home accessories and furniture at!

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