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Is there a correlation between wardrobe & furnishing?


In this post I have not only told you about my preference for dark red, but also touched on another topic: the correlation between wardrobe and furnishings. Living experts often believe that the contents of the closet are allegedly related to the home furnishings. I’ve studied it myself and after I’ve thought about it a bit, I realize: That’s right with me. At least partially. Let’s look at the possible correlation with a few examples:

  • Wine red: This is where a relationship begins to develop, but I’m not averse to color now at home, after I’ve been wearing it for a long time.
  • Gray: Clearly to find in both areas with me a lot and always a go-to choice on my part. Gray is a classic, goes well with everything, there are nuances from light to dark …
  • Less is more: I am a minimalist and prefer simple things without ruffles. I prefer to use only a few, selected parts.
  • Seasonally changing: Of course you change the wardrobe with the change of seasons, but also change the decoration here. In general, I wear brighter, more colorful colors in the summer than in autumn and winter and also in the interior, it may be brighter, airier and fresher from spring.
  • I love knit sweaters, and I also like to access things with an interesting structure and feel in decoration accessories and home textiles. Cuddly, soft, I like my bed, for example. now in winter.
  • Color restraint: I prefer it monochrome and not too colorful, bright colors like turquoise can hardly be found in both areas.

Well, that was one side now. However, a few points on the other side should be added:

  • White: I live in a lot of white in terms of furniture, wall colors and accessories, but I only own one white shirt, which I do not even really like. In general, although I put on my device on a lot of light and brightness, but prefer medium to dark tones in garments.
  • In my home you will find quite a lot of black accents, in the wardrobe I like black but not at all and have nothing in it, at most a pair of shoes.
  • My clothes are totally simple, without pattern. The main reason is that fashion leaves me pretty cold, while I clearly show more interest in furnishing (!) And like to have interesting home textiles, art etc. around me.

In general, I simply have much more interest in setting up and also more idea about it. The composition of an outfit seems to me significantly different than the design of an entire room.

Whether the theory is right? I do not know, in principle, personal preferences are likely to be reflected in both areas.
There are probably always parallels somewhere, but just because you have a lot of white T-shirts, you do not have to live very much reduced and the other way around. Exciting is the Gedanka in any case.

How is it with you, can you discover a connection?

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