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How To – Styling Tips: Decorating a desk


After the last time we nightstand Today, there are styling tips for the workplace at home. I always try that the desk does not immediately scream “Here’s work waiting” and just does not look too much like office. So leave no cork bulletin boards and fax machines around. Of course this is not always possible, but it can and should be a bit nice.

{More pictures from my wall-mounted workstation last Monday.}

Styling tips for the desk, with GIF tutorial:

1. The picture wall is of course a statement, in general, at least one or two pictures on the wall can not hurt to create depth.
2. Good light is especially important in the workplace, set up a pretty table lamp!
3. A tray and a box stowed small stuff that you still need handy. These objects should be wider rather than deep, so they take less work space away.
4. Pen cups, craft and office utensils, calendars etc. are necessary, but can also be decorative / arranged.
5. As a last step, I like to add one or two purely decorative accessories, such as candlesticks, vases or sculptures. But you should also leave it there, more distraction and too little space on the table you want to avoid. Playing a little bit with the height, like here with the candle in the glass on the box, creates variety, because you can not really work with different depths.

And if you just want to freshen up your workspace, you might find something suitable for your home here (all links are affiliate links, product photos from Amazon):

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