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How to fold an envelope from an atlas page


Today today I have a quick and easy idea for you how to fold envelopes from maps or atlas pages.

Did you know that today’s children have more and more problems writing by hand, because the use of a keyboard is becoming more and more important in everyday life? When I heard a recent post in the regional news, I was a little scared. It was advised to be a role model as an adult and to send a handwritten letter instead of an e-mail. I love to work analogously from time to time. That’s why I like to write and write a letter.

With the Envelope template you can easily fold a nice envelope. The material can be anything that can be cut and bent. When an old discarded atlas fell into my hands a few days ago, I knew right away that it was the perfect material to make an envelope out of.

You just have to print the template, cut it out and then use it as a template. After you’ve cut out the envelope, you just have to fold it up and fix the sides with a glue stick. For an A6 size envelope, the original should be printed on A3. If your printer can only use A4, just use the “Poster” option. So four single pages are printed, which you stick together later with a little tesa.

If you print the template reduced to A4, then you can use it to fold a small mini envelope. In it, for example, a small card can be stowed, so that makes the envelope then very well as a gift tag. Just punch one corner of the envelope and move in nice band by. Finished!

Just look at my tutorial, where I show you how to make leather one Tinker pen holder can. And if you not only like to write letters, but also write your notes by hand, then I also have a creative idea, like you Framing notebook can.

Have fun trying!

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