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How refreshing: ice chalk


Since tomorrow it should be really warm again, here is our recipe for homemade ice chalk (the idea I found here). I tell you: a brightly colored, refreshing mud splashing fun!
I do not even know what made Lasse happier: stirring the colorful porridge, always checking to see if the blocks had finally frozen, or painting afterwards – with neighbor children and a little brother (who was happy to mate with harmless ingredients).

What we need:
Food coloring (we got it in powder form in our supermarket), cornflour, water, ice cube container

Here we go!:
Mix five heaped tablespoons of cornstarch with one-eighth of a liter of water per minute, mix in food color powder, stir. Be amazed by the beautiful bright colors.
Fill in ice cube container. In the freezer, wait and finally start painting! Herrrrrlich!
Let’make it!

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