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Holiday souvenir upcycling: DIY stone coasters


It’s the same with every holiday: we come back with a lot more when we left. Because everything is somehow so beautiful and different than home and therefore absolutely must be taken. Whether shells, corals, stones – arrived home, the things usually land in any corner and are quickly forgotten. Unfortunately, I am also such a candidate who finds every second stone beautiful and wants to wrap up. From my Panama backpacking two years ago, a bag of shells is still waiting for further use (yes, I actually carried the bag in my backpack during the tour). Unfortunately I can not say what happens to the shells, as soon as I have a good (not cheesy) idea, I will share it with you. But I have, this time already on the spot on holiday, something considered, what you can make from beautiful, flat stones: A coaster that can be used versatile. Either classic for the dining table to turn off the hot saucepan, or for the hot espresso cooker in the morning, for example. But he also makes quite good decoration, whether as a flowerpot coaster or simply to put together a small arrangement.

The whole thing is pretty simple, you just need some stones of the same size from your last vacation, some wire mesh, a side cutter and power glue. First you make a shape out of the stones that does not create too many gaps between the stones. The puzzle may take a bit, because “gapless” does not mean “beautiful shape” at the same time.

Have you found your dream form, take a picture! Then you brush the stones at the bottom and where they have contact with neighboring stones, with Kraftkleber.

Stick the stones one after the other on the grid and press each stone firmly for a few minutes. Once all are glued, let everything dry and air well.

When the glue is dry, the protruding wire mesh is removed. It’s best to first cut everything roughly, then turn the coaster over so you can see exactly where the wire is not glued and can be removed. Finally, you can also check where you can remove the wire between the stones to get a “wireless” view. Already finished!

You want to know, in which vacation I collected my stones this year? There will be more next week!

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