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Gift last minute: tear-off calendar


“Sleep again, then it’s Christmas!” With this sentence, most kids are over the moon. For me, or I probably speak for most adults, it is more like something like “sleep again, then all gifts must be bought!”. Well, in a city like Berlin, the shops also open on Christmas Eve at least until noon. But seriously, nobody really wants to do that, does it? Last Saturday I already posted on the blog whaelse as a guest author Last Minute DIY gifts released. Today, there’s an all-time, all-the-last-minute, short-before-final idea that theoretically you do not even have to go to: the tear-off calendar. In this calendar, the recipient can enter appointments, birthdays, etc. every week, and after the week, simply tear down the sheet and move on to the next weekly. The personal note gets the gift with a small picture, which is to be found from week to week in another place. All you need is a computer, printer, a decent stock of digital photos, and a bit of cardboard, string, and sample bag clips. If you do not have these braces, you can just use Heiftstrips or String. As I said, a gift idea that can be realized outside store hours.

First you have to insert your own photos in my template. Either you use my indd-file, which you can open with InDesign. There you can then simply place your photos on the designated fields. The link to the file is here:

Or you use my PDF template, which you can download here: Calendar template , You can then open the template in a graphics program like Photoshop, for example, and insert your photos there.

Which of course works: print PDF, print photos in the right size and then stick the photos.

Here we go!

You can print the calendar pages either with your own printer (then select the setting “high quality”), or you do it in the copy shop in the laser printing process, which then looks a little more noble. Then the sides are cut out. This works best with a cutter, but also works with scissors.

When all sides are cut out, they are punched. The sides are smaller than A5, so remember to manually align the spacer with the punch so it will punch in the middle.

To reinforce the calendar, you just cut and punch a piece of cardboard the same size as the calendar sheets. If you do not have cardboard, just take the back of a writing pad.

Everything is connected with pattern clips that you put through the holes and whose ends you bend on the back. If you do not have such staples, take a strip of tape or just some string that you pull through the holes and then knotted. If you choose the variant with the string, you do not need to do the following step 5 in addition.

Finally, you tinker with a bit of string suspension. Simply knot them around the ends of the pattern clips so that the string is clamped between the clip and the cardboard. Finished!

After a few weeks of use, it may be necessary to “retighten” the brackets when the number of leaves has decreased. But this is not expensive, just remove the calendar and pull at the ends of the brackets!

So, now that all presents are ready, Christmas can come 🙂

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