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Flowers on Friday {Friday-Flowerday}


Fresh flowers are always a good mood, but they are a luxury that I do not begrudge me every week. That’s why I captured them here with the camera before they wither.

The bright green flowers look like snowball (?), But I have no idea what the pink is. In any case, you do not see it that often and that’s what I like about it. Incidentally, botanists are now allowed to quote in the comments and tell me which flower exactly the spring mood brings to my house!

A blossom is unfortunately broken off, which now stands in a small glass bottle on the bedside table. And in the big, simple bottle vase, the flowers are my contribution to the day Friday-Flowerday from Holunderbluetchen ,

Still a small decoration idea and then we are closing time: picture books can be used not only stacked as a pedestal, but also like art with the pretty cover leaning forward against the wall. And now have a nice weekend!

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