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Fixed coasters à la Sarah


My friend Sarah is a copywriter. So very quick-witted and incredibly creative. She also has a knack for fix and cool DIY ideas – even for kids. So I’m really happy that she wants to show you one of them today.

Today I’ll show you a work of art in which even the one-year-olds (!) can really participate. Take firm cardboard, cut them into beer-sized circles (or buy beer mat blanks in a craft shop. In addition, you need finger paint and streaks and yes, very important: a wipeable pad. Then it starts: neat Farbmatschen and glittering (in the wet color)! If the lids are finished (we have painted only one page, the underside of course you can also paint or stick with plain-colored paper), you can dry them out (about 1-2 days, depending on how thick the paint was applied) and sprayed apply clear coat on both sides to make it wipeable. Let it dry again and then put it under a heavy book for two days so that they get flattened (due to the moisture they can wave a bit). So. And then: Prösterchen!
PS. If the colors chosen by the offspring do not fit the sofa: Pass on the coasters as a Christmas gift with high utility value to the grandparents.
Greetings, your Sarah!

Thank you, Sarah!

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