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Five questions on the fifth in March


 Nics Blog Action Five questions at the fifth. All answers of the other participants will be here linked, my follow now:

1. If you were to eat a meal, what would you be?
Uh, the hardest question at the beginning. I would probably be potato soup – warm, cozy, not too fancy, but soothing. And better suited for the winter than in the summer. Okay, I just like potato soup, so I want to be one with this question :). I’m really curious, what other bloggers answer that way!

2. Which book or books do you love so much that they have read it more than once?
Oooh, I like to read books several times, even though at the moment most of the time is not enough and I would rather discover new books. I have read (and loved) several times, e.g. The Great Gatsby, The book thief, The big fate, Fate is a lousy traitor and numerous children’s and youth books. As a kid, my favorite book was a vacation on Saltkrokan by Astrid Lindgren, I’ve probably read that a dozen times. Could I do it again!

3. Do you apologize too often?
Sometimes yes. But, I think, rather than once too little, otherwise I always have a guilty conscience right away, but nobody wants that. I think there are worse habits than apologizing.

4. When and over what did you cheer loud the last time?
Hm, maybe New Year’s Eve, because I looked so happy in the twinkling night sky. 2018 is / is a great year! In general, I am usually so quiet that hardly loud exclamations come out of me. I’m looking forward to inside or show it with a stupid grin :).

5. If money did not matter, where would your next trip go and what would it look like?
In the Antarctic. Spend a few days in South America and then travel further south by boat. Ice cold, penguins and fascinating ice worlds are waiting there, that’s what I imagine magically! Although I can not reassure my conscience at the moment, first of all causing a huge amount of greenhouse gases, only to penetrate into an ecosystem threatened by climate change. Let’s see, I would have to find out more. It definitely stays a dream!

Now I’m curious who else is there and especially with what answers! And which court are you? 😉

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