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First round: Easter cake


Hey dear ones,

Here are two of my first Easter cake ideas:

When I discovered the wooden eggs for embroidery (at Winkler Schulbedarf), I found the idea directly great, even if I’m not a big Sticktalent. For the last time I embroidered “felt” in elementary school. But today I still thank my handyman Mrs. Schwehn that we have learned all the important manual techniques – in contrast to the youth of today.

It was really fun to think of a few patterns for the eggs. To hang it I have pasted it with design paper, because from the back the embroidery design does not look very nice of course.

On my spring branches also flutter a few stamped feathers. Especially suitable for this are small stamps that fit on the pen point. With a few beads and a metal eyelet (unfortunately I forgot to take pictures), the feathers are also socially acceptable.

See you soon, Isabell

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