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finger Fuchs


Since we saw a fox in the middle of Berlin at the weekend, Lasse and I are in fox fever. A Fuchsteller had to go home, two children’s tights with foxes and also a sheet of fox gift paper. Back home – maybe a little fuchsgaga? – suddenly looked at me from the opened egg pack a fox face: the pointed nose, the head shape – fit perfectly. We just had to cut and paint the fox. I think: this fall will be fox!

What we need:
Egg carton, colors (e.g., acrylic) in fox, black and white, thick black pencil, white cardboard remnant

This is how we did it:
Cut a fox’s face out of the egg carton, making a paper point to the nose (see photo, draw!). This is best done with a good pair of scissors or a knife. Granted, not easy, but then it will be easy, promised. This raw fox Lasse has painted, first fuchsfarben, then he got white cheeks. Finally, we have a black tip of the nose and eyes painted with a pen and ears cut out and stuck. And then we had a lot of fun with it … (The fox fits perfectly on mom and on children’s fingers, as well as on noses and afterwards on the autumn table in the living room). Fuuuuuchsalaaaaaarm!

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