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DIY Shabby Chic


Shabby Chic style design is not that difficult. For the picture frame in the vintage design you need an old frame made of wood, glaze in dark color (ebony, for example), white lacquer (acrylic paint works well) and some sandpaper. First, the frame is glazed dark. Before that, however, it should be sanded off with the sandpaper so that the glaze keeps better. Let it dry well. Then the light paint is applied, but not too neat and opaque, so that the lower glaze shines through a bit. When the paint has dried, sand off the white paint with a little sandpaper. Done is the picture frame. Now only a photo is missing and you have a great Christmas present.

By the way, furniture made of wood, such as a small bookshelf, can be beautified in this way, or maybe even a whole door or a window …

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