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DIY reindeer woolen cup


For the reindeer wool cup you need a ceramic mug (alternatively, everything that is heat resistant), wool / fabric remnants and a few buttons. Instead of wool, of course, any other slightly thicker fabric can be used, such as felt. First you cut a long strip of fabric that reaches around the beaker more than once and is a bit narrower than the beaker. Then two or more buttons are sewn to one end of the strip and on the other side cut two small slits so that the strip can be buttoned once around the cup. It should be ensured that there is enough tension and the fabric does not slip. Then, from a less thick fabric (I used thin felt), a reindeer head is cut, preferably with the help of a template, and then glued to the strip. Finished! Now you can drink nice hot tea without burning your fingers. By the way, you can also give a discarded toothbrush mug a new function.

If you like the reindeer head, here’s the template:

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