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DIY: pulling avocado plant from core


The avocado is known for being easily grown from a seed at home. A lot of effort is not necessary, you just have to pay little attention and maybe even have a bit of luck. How I handled my avocado plant and what to look for, I’ll show you now:

You need:

Avocado cores (washed)


Glasses with water

Flower pots and soil

Place three or four toothpicks round the side into a core, place this construction with the pointed side of the core facing upwards on the edge of a glass of water. The underside of the core must be immersed in the water, so you should refill the glass again and again. In addition, on the windowsill he gets enough light, and room temperature should also have the air at least!

It will not be long before first roots form below and you can plant the core in a flower pot. Make sure that the tip sticks out of the ground (although I also covered it with earth at some point and nothing happened).

For me, it took about two months until the core split above and a shoot grew out. Because we went on vacation, I planted the core very early in soil, but you can still wait a bit until the shoot has already grown. After some time, it will be necessary to repot the plant in a larger pot. Keep the soil moist, not too cold and as bright as possible; in the case of vermin, stick woodchip heads in the ground.

Another method that I have read about is planting directly in soil. I have not tried it myself yet, but it is much less effort: Just dig the core directly half into another plant in the flowerpot and water. Or put in your own pot, then you do not have to be careful that the other plant is drowned.

In any case, it is advisable to plant several cores at once, because you do not have any luck.

And if you now feel like pulling even more houseplants yourself, then I recommend you these Instructions from me, like you one Pull ficus out of a branch can!

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