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DIY “lust for life” calendar


Do you know these lists, whether on the internet or from books that list what you should do before you throw in the spoon? So a very personal list, whether written down or just in the head, but actually everyone carries around with them. Mostly these are very expensive things, like “traveling around the world”, a parachute jump or “climbing the summit of Mount Everest”. But if you ignore such things, there are a lot of little wishes and things that we would like to do again, but for some reason we do not meet or do not. Something like “I would love to sleep under the starry skies” or “I’ll try out yoga soon”. Why is that? We think we do not have time, the daily stress does not allow it, or we are too exhausted. Of course, these are just lazy excuses, and that’s why I’ve made a life-loving calendar that reminds me every day that I can make my day even more beautiful, exciting, and relaxing. For as one says so nicely, every day can be the last.

So I made 30 nice cards for a whole month (template below). Of course, you do not necessarily have to do the things on the same day, sometimes it just does not work directly, with all the spontaneity. Just set yourself a small deadline, but it is best, of course, to follow the instructions as soon as possible 😉 And if you want, you can extend the calendar as often as you like. Incidentally, also works great as a gift for a loved one!

1. You need: a bit heavier paper (about 190/200 g / m²), string, small staples, pen, scissors and a printer.

2. First print the template on the thicker paper. Here you will find the template , Do not be surprised if it appears pixelated in the browser, when you save it, it will be high resolution again.

3. Then the little cards are cut out.

4. Now you are asked! What things do you (or someone else) want to remember in the next 30 days? Write it down!

Finally, the cards are attached to the string with the clips and hung in the room.


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