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DIY – fast poster bar


For some years, there are really great poster boards made of wood, where – thanks to the integrated Magnetuckucki – a print can be exchanged. I also bought such a magnetic strip last year and am very excited about it! Unfortunately, these things are not cheap. When I recently searched for the nursery for just such a magnetic poster strip, I noticed my round wooden sticks, which have been waiting for a new purpose for some time. I immediately knew:

You will my new poster bar!

You need:

  • 2 or 4 round wooden rods each 50cm / 1cm diameter
  • 2 or 4 small hair ties or other rubbers
  • 2 small screw hooks
  • Cord, a small wood drill

That is how it goes:

In the upper ridges, turn a screw hook into the front and back (about 3 cm from the edge). It’s best to drill the hole for it. Through the hook you thread a cord as a suspension. Now the hair elastics are placed twice around the bars and the poster bar is ready. Important: the rubbers must be nice and tight!

Personally, I find the variant with a bar in the picture above top most beautiful. Of course you can also attach a second strip below. Then of course without screw hooks.

Have fun and love spring greetings, Isabell

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