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DIY copper concrete pendant in diamond shape


I hope you can still remember the Bet0n Diamond necklace that I introduced you at the end of November? Since I had poured a whole load of concrete diamonds then, I promised you soon to come up with an idea what to do with the gray high-carats. It took a while, but here it is finally!

Actually, I’m not necessarily the type who likes to lavishly decorate and lavishly decorate at Christmas, but such a little bit then somehow belongs to it, in order to get in the mood, as long as green and red are not combined. So I made little Christmas tree pendants from my concrete diamonds and embellished them with a bit of snow-white and festive copper. The result: Christmas, but still modern and simple.

For the first part of the tutorial, I simply repeated the steps of the concrete diamond chain, because in principle everything is exactly the same. Anyone who has already made a diamond necklace and also has some diamonds over, just start with Step 8!

And this is how it works:

The most important utensil for the production is an ice mold made of silicone in diamond form. There are two different sizes of diamonds here. You can easily order such forms on the internet.

In order to be able to hang up the diamond pendants later, you also need a small hook with eyelet or you just cut a little thin wire and bend it to a hook.

Another very important ingredient is the concrete. I bought a small bucket in the craft shop for this. Of course, you can also take the from the hardware store, but the concrete from the craft store has the advantage that he already has a very fine grit – otherwise you would have to seven from the hardware store to sort out the larger stones.

Then the concrete is mixed with water. The required mixing ratio is on the packaging. Remember to use dispensable mixing utensils because you will not get them clean again so easily. Also important: Never pour liquid concrete into the spout, dispose of concrete only when it has hardened.

Gently pour the concrete into the mold. I have not been able to fill the form clean, but that’s no problem for the diamonds. The only thing you need to look for is that the surfaces are smooth and the top edges of the mold openings are reasonably clean. When the concrete has dried slightly, the hooks can be inserted into the diamonds.

Now wait until the concrete has completely hardened (about 24 h), then the diamonds can be carefully released from the mold.

This is how the small finished concrete diamonds look like.

Now the color comes into play! It is important that the concrete diamonds are really dried out. I used white matte acrylic paint and copper, slightly shimmering acrylic paint. Use a fine brush, especially for the copper color, to work exactly. The white color does not stand out when you paint over the edge.

The best way to brush paint, if you hold the diamonds on the hook. You can dye them completely, but I find it especially nice if some areas remain free with the rough concrete. You can paint top or bottom, brush a checkerboard pattern as you please, let your creativity run wild!

Finally, you thread the little clinker on a little firmer thread and the decoration can start! A little tip: If you decorate the Christmas tree with it, consider the weight of the concrete, so do not hang too far on the outer edge of the branches, otherwise they say goodbye sometime to the ground (has happened to me 😉).

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