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DIY advent calendar – an upcycling project


 Christmas ! High time to think about an advent calendar! There is no need to buy an expensive copy from the department store, nor do you have to go to any lengths to sew small bags or the like. How about an environmentally friendly DIY Advent calendar made from recycled toilet paper rolls this year? He is really fix, is super cheap and – quite sustainable! How it works, I explain to you!

By the way: The DIY advent calendar from Klorollen is not the only calendar on this blog! There is also a tutorial on how to make a great print Tinker advent calendar I can tell you how to make one out of empty walnuts (including a template to print out) Make advent calendar yourself can. So, you have the choice, which DIY advent calendar will be with you this year.

How do you like my idea? Do you have any idea how to make a great DIY advent calendar yourself? I definitely wish you a lot of fun!

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