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Current living plans: What I just want to change.


I postpone this blogpost for quite some time now. Not because the subject is particularly uncomfortable, but because it’s just darn hard for me to sort out and articulate my thoughts.

Well, today I want to talk about things that I want to change at home. There has accumulated a lot in the last few months, with which I am dissatisfied. Here we go:

 here had already considered. Let’s see, one step at a time.

 Picture wall Take it off again and think about what is going on where. By no means do I want the room (especially with completely white walls) to look totally empty, but it should not be too small. How I will succeed, remains to be seen.

You notice, I’m thinking too much, my fluctuating taste does not make things easier. And just when the building fabric does not completely meet your own expectations and you put a certain perfectionism to the setting up is not easy.

Current status first: The wall is just white and the bedside table sanded on the pure wood, then we’ll see. Maybe I’ll clean up a bit. Or what do you mean? Tips and all input are welcome!

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