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Bring memories to the wall


A quick tip for a wall decor that not only looks good, but also brings memories and personality to the wall:

Print photos in Polaroid style and hang them on the wall as a grid with masking tape, like me here also schonmal have done. For this I have made a template on the computer before, cut the photos square and inserted. Print online and you get its new, inexpensive wall deco delivered to the front door!

I’d rather have a few more photos printed so I can hang them in different combinations and swap them according to mood and season.
Meanwhile, I have to say that I have separated from the wall decoration again. I still like it, but most of the memories were from 2015, so it’s not what I wanted to see. Surely I will soon raussuchen times more recent photos and again print new pictures, because I just really got the desire to hang something on my blank, white wall!

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