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Attention, a ghost: The Hui-Buh lantern


Other children want a pet. Mine wants a ghost. “A real white house ghost, Mom. Pleaseeee. “I frown. It’s clear, four-year-old and her imagination. But you should not dismiss that. But rather simply spin it. “A ghost, honey?” I ask, “… and where is that supposed to live?” Lasse rolls his eyes. “Mom, of course in the lumber room!” (He means our new utility room.) “You always say yourself, it looks really scary …”

Two hours later we actually had a ghost. Fresh from the junk room. Discovered in a mountain packing garbage, which actually stacks there highly spooky. Lasse is excited. And I will really clean up now. You guessed it, Hui Buhs take out and so ….

A ghost lantern goes like this: On a (large) yogurt cup, draw a ghost face, cut out and spray the yoghurt cup with white spray paint. Think of a hole for the lantern stick at the top. Let it dry well. Surround everything with black edding. Behind the heart we have stuck red tracing paper. Insert the lantern stick and fix it in the hole with two strips of masking tape. Losgeistern.

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