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Amelie’s candy kingdom


Do you feel like looking for a nursery again? I’m really happy that this time the ten-year-old Amelie shows us her realm – a bonbon-colored treasure chest in the middle of the roof. How did she get the treasure-hunt talent? Well, by whom?

Of course, from Mama Katja. She is actually a doctor, but also occasionally writes books about the recipes of her family – among others those of her Swedish grandmother – under the pseudonym Marie Langenau. She makes the wow photos for the books herself – on a shared holiday in Sweden or while cooking with friends. No wonder that Katja and her husband (also a doctor and fortunately also a treasure hunter) have a container of pretty furniture from the Bali holiday forwarded to one day perhaps a small shop to open. Full of treasures, of course. Until then, the furniture may live in the beautiful house in Hamburg-Harburg. To Amelie’s joy some also directly under her roof …

Wasfürmich: So for me, the huge barbie house from the 70s is the blast in your room, Amelie. How cool is that? And what do you like best?
Amelie: That my room is comfortable and I can decorate and decorate as much as I want. I love the Balinese lamp, the colorful honeycombs and the matte pink on the walls. I chose everything alone.
Katja: For me, nursery rooms must be colorful and inviting. And bright.
Wasfürmich: That you like to decorate, you see, Amelie. You have so many pretty little things in your room. How does that work with tidying up?
Amelie: Sometimes Mama insists on “days off”. Here we go through everything together and sort. Luckily, I can quite well separate things. And sometimes I may choose a nice little something, if I have sorted out ten. It never gets boring in my room.

Wasfürmich: Your windowsill with the pillows looks heavy to favorite corner, Amelie ….
Amelie: Oh yes, that’s where I like to lie and read. At the moment she prefers the book “Die Glücksbäckerei” by Kathrin Littlewood. And I like to decorate the window. Currently with little elves.
Wasfürmich: Imagine that you would win the lottery. What would you change about Amelie’s room?
Amelie: Mmh, not so much. I actually like it as it is. It’s so cozy. And cuddly. Right now in the fall. Although, if it were really a lot of money, maybe a pool. A pool in the room, that’s it.
Katja: So with money without end, I would let the room open at the top. Expose everything up to the rooftop. Install a gallery up there, maybe with a long swing at the top of a beamed ceiling. And huge windows. Many windows. For more light. A lot of light …
Amelie: … Oh, I do not know, then my room would not be that comfortable anymore.

Wasfürmich: Where are you in the house when you’re not in your room, Amelie?
Amelie: With mom in the kitchen. We cook and bake together and try out a lot together for their books. We have to take pretty pictures anyway. That’s a lot of work, but I usually enjoy it. My big sister Marie does not feel like it anymore. By the way, my favorite recipe from Mama’s autumn book is the red butter. Absolutely delicious. And of course their cakes. Especially the Swedish chocolate cake, best, still warm in the middle. We all love. The rosehip soup looks very pretty. They love the Swedes.

Wasfürmich: Katja, do you have a tip in terms of children’s room for all new mommies?
Katja: Definitely think of a lot of storage space. The child needs to know where things have their place. That makes life so much easier.

Thank you, Amelie and Katja for joining in! And attention, now there’s one more surprise , Katja has once again reached deep into her treasure chest and a copy of her latest book: “My colorful autumn kitchen” which you can easily win here. First cream, right? All you have to do to land in the Lostopf is to leave a comment in which you betray Katja, Amelie and me, which fall treasures are your favorite at the moment. The winner will be drawn on November 7th. Good luck and have a nice week!

Wing chair: heirloom from the Lieblingstante
Metal bed: ostrich innovation
Uraltpuppenstube: a gift from the KIndergarten – they wanted to blow away
Honeycombs, squirrel cushions: Ikea
Silver tray: Indiska (a super nice Swedish Schnickaschnackkette, now finally a Online shop has, jippsie!)
Matryoshka: souvenir from dad
Colorful pillows: H & M home
Rabbit in the armchair: Maileg

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