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3-2-1, Hello, I’m Tjelle!


Now he is here. Tjelle Boi. Our 3. Because everyone always asks immediately: He was born on 7.11.2014 at: 5.55 clock. Weight: 3375 grams. Size: 51 centimeters. Apgarest: 6/8/10. He also has a tax number soon. Quite a lot of numbers for such a little baby. Bit like baby quartet, right? I’ll just continue ….

Duration of birth: 1 Hour, 10 Minutes.

Duration of after-effects: 48 Hours. Hello, worse than at birth.

Wondering if I’m real now 3 Children have: 101 Times.

Admired him: countless ,

Startled to see if his chest is still gently trembling: 3000 Times.

Tears in the eyes and goose bumps everywhere, because of the many nice comments: from the family, from friends, but also from you via Instagram: 615? , Incomprehensible. You are so nice!

The other two children comforted because Tjelle cries: 333 Times.

Let him cry, with a guilty conscience and a pulling chest, because the other two can not always wait after all: at least 20 Times.

Overbearing visitors on later comforted: 3 Times.

Watching the desperately screaming child bellow at the chest: 15 Times.

Thought, I can not anymore: 8th Times.

Thinking about feeding Pränahrung: 8th Times.

Forget-me-not in the boiling water on the stove: 1 Times.

Tables of greedy destroyed chocolate: 12 ,

Average sleep duration at night: maximum 4 ,

Average nap time: when it’s going well 3 ,

Said: “Yes, the name really exists. That’s a Danish name, and yes, that’s allowed “: 6 Times.

Looked in the mirror and thought, “Oh God!”: 4 Times.

Looked in the mirror and thought: “Goes yet”: 1 Times.

His little body greedily pressed against me, cuddling him, kissing his head and sucking in the most delicious fragrance in the world: At least 15 Every day.

The man asked, if he would like to try: 6 Times.

Can not believe he says, “He does not smell like anything!”: 6 Times.

The tired man looked tired after a night of sleep
and loved him even more: 14 Times.

Taken him in his arms and pressed and thanked for everything: 2 Times.

I wish you a wonderful week!
All the best,

PS. Oh, honey: Thanks!

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