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10 more inspirational artists on Instagram


Because the ten artists from the blog post last week are too few and there are many more to discover, comes today once again a list of inspiring artists (and artists, sorry) on Instagram:

  • Daniel Anselmi @d_anselmi : These are not really abstract paintings, but collages! I love his unconventional approach to this technique.
  • Cesar Biojo @cesarbiojo : Especially his quick portraits on Plexiglas did it to me and also the combination of painted color surfaces and bodies.
  • Deborah Brown @deborahbrownart : Her nude painting seems a bit primitive at first glance, but there is a lot more thought behind it. The artist often revisits antique fabrics and even perpetuates her own dogs in the pictures instead of a man. In any case, very self-confident!
  • Richard Claremont @richard_claremont : Hach, thick layers of oil paint in cheerful colors together make beautiful landscapes, with great light and always presented in a very fleeting way.
  • Jason Craighead @jasoncraighead His work looks incredibly dynamic, fast and expressive and even reminds me a bit of Cy Twombly.
  • Helen Dean @helendean_art : Abstract painting in great color combinations, with lots of white and pink and with compositions that I’ll remember!
  • Jesse Hickman @ hickman.jesse : Monochrome, graphic, reduced and yet imaginative. I especially appreciate the clarity in the works of this artist, but also the fine “structure”.
  • Eva Magill-Oliver @eva_magill_oliver : This artist has so many great ideas, sometimes botanical, mostly rather abstract and always with beautiful colors.
  • Brent Wadden @_bbww_ : Abstract, graphic, but still with a lot of dynamics are his murals. By the way, not painted, but wool!
  • John Zabawa @johnzabawa : Finally, the reduced work of this artist: very simple, with rough edges and again in magical color combinations. He is clearly a graphic designer and blurs the boundaries between painting and media design so wonderfully.

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