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10 artists on Instagram who are inspiring me right now


As here already mentioned, I like to use Instagram very much to discover new artists and works and to get inspiration for my own work. Ten people whose art on Instagram is always inspiring me and whom I would like to mention are these:

  • Tania Blanchard @tania_blanchard_creative : The thick application of paint, the many evenly executed dots, which together have such a great effect, the color choice of their paintings … Wow!
  • Heather Day @heatherdayart : I love her abstract works of art, for which she tries a lot and combines different techniques and materials. Her pictures remind me of water, and in fact she likes to work on wild rivers.
  • Kristiina Haataja @ If you do not know your work, you have not been to Pinterest lately! Her busts are wonderfully novel, abstract and a bit geometric.
  • Gabriele Herzog @gabriele_herzog : With each of her pictures I feel like painting. It shows how perfect imperfection in painting can look, and that less is sometimes more.
  • Sue Kennington @suekennigton : These compositions, this color choice, the combination of geometric and organic forms, hach.
  • Ioannis Lassithiotakis @ioannis_lassithiotakis : His minimalist paintings are a dream, thanks to unbelievably even paint application, great color combinations and exciting picture distribution.
  • Matt Portch @matt_portch : The only photographer today, with his consistent frontal view, he captures wonderful American architectural treasures that look a bit like they stopped in time.
  • Kai Samuels-Davis @kaisamuelsdavis : I have said it a hundred times and will continue to do so: Especially his portraits are full of passion for me, very vulnerable, dynamic and rigid at the same time, I love them!
  • Nike Schroeder @nikeschroeder : Her textile art fascinates me, with down-flowing threads, strong colors and definitely great movement effects in the draft. Always enriching to see works made of materials other than canvas and color.
  • Christiane Spangsberg @christianespangsberg : A superstar of the Instagram art scene, rightly so. Her personal understanding of art is based on unique and not entirely perfect works that are wonderfully casual, imaginative and yet more demanding than you think.

Did you immediately feel like making art? Me too, let’s go!

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